Ultra-Advanced Equipment

Ultra-Advanced Equipment

The equipment mentioned as follows is the latest in the field and it completes the basic equipment required for quality treatments.

We have the latest generation of surgery laser, an American model of high performance, from the Biolase company. It is a LaserSmile. Laser transforms the impossible into possible in the aesthetic field, therapy and surgery.


The advantages of using the laser equipment:

  • Laser-therapy of the deep caries (prevents root canal treatments and the extirpation of the nerve),
  • root canal sterilization (conventional treatments use only disinfectants, possibly resulting in residual bacteria and a high recurrence risk),
  • a low number of appointments (1 appointment in most cases),
  • low recurrence risk,
  • painless procedure,
  • fast periapical tissue repair (the osseous healing around the root),
  • high efficiency in treating periodontitis.



X Smart-Dual is the most modern endodontic equipment combined with apex locator that has recently come on the Romanian market as well. Our clinic is very proud with this acquisition. X-Smart-Dual is designed to match all the needs of our endo treatments. It allows us to execute any endo work in a fast and safe way where the precision is incontestable and incomparable.

anestezie computerizata

Computerized non-traumatic anesthesia, painless, with no discomfort in the lips after anesthesia (no swelling sensation immediately after the anesthesia), high efficiency, no pain of injection (in conventional anesthesia the sensation of pain in the injection area can last up to one week).

anestezie computerizata

Intraoral Video camera – used for documenting clinical cases


Pentamix: is the latest modern equipment used in mixing materials for impression, which helps in getting a proper impression (the success of a treatment depends on the quality of the impression)