We know how important it is to insure our patients about the quality of our dental treatments and materials we use. Therefore,  PeterDent-Art takes responsibility for all of their services.

Here is our warranty:

  • Full prosthesis – 2 years
  • Partial prosthesis – 2 years
  • Implant (the actual implant) – 4 years
  • Crowns/dental bridges- 5 years (temporary restorations not included)
  • Inlay / onlay – 2 years
  • root canal – 2 years
  • laser tooth whitening – 1 year

Exception to warranty:

  • In case of post – surgery – for example: when sutures brake or after after a surgical procedure.

Extention of warranty:

  • It applies for dental treatments and prosthesis in case the patient comes for regular and periodical check ups.

Warranty reduction and/or warranty loss:

  • When oral hygiene is neglected
  • If after teeth whitening the patient uses colored foods, tobacco, coffee, etc.
  • If doctor’s orders are not followed exactly
  • If the partial or full prosthesis is not worn correctly
  • If the patient does not follow the routine examination at least twice a year
  • If teeth are not cared for properly, from a medical point of view
  • If the gum and the alveolar bone reduces by itself
  • In case the jaw articulation dysfunctions are not treated
  • If the patient suffers a dramatic gain or loss in weight over a short period of time
  • In case of an accident, for instance, falling on the floor or destroying the mobile prosthesis
  • If the patient suffers other general conditions that can have negative repercussions on the dental treatment (for example: diabetes, epilepsy, cytostatic treatment, x-rays, therapy, etc.)
  • If the patient does not let our clinic PeterDent-Art know about the expiration date of his/her warranty.