Sovata & Praid

Sovata & Praid
  • Sovata

Sovata ( Szováta in hungarian, Sowata in german) is a town in Mureş county, Transilvania, România. Bezid lake, which has covered an entire village except for the tower of the church, is a touristy attraction as well.

Sovata is a resort that functions all year round and was first mentioned as a healing place in a document dating back to 1597 and becomes a therapeutic resort in 1850. Sovata’s reputation is due to lake Ursu (46.000 m2), Aluniş (9.000 m2), Verde (5.000m2), Negru, Roşu, Mierlei and Şerpilor, with waters containing chloride and sodium that have led to the heliothermic phenomenon.

The resort is recommended for the successful treatment of gynecologic diseases but also for degenerative and inflammatory conditions,  rheumatism, post traumatic conditions, nervous system and heart diseases.

  • Praid

Praid (Parajd in hungarian) is a town in south-west of  Harghita county, in Transilvania, România, famous for it’s salt mines that have been exploited for a very long time.

Travel attractions:

  • Praid salt mine:

- Salted Baths - In Praid there is also a swimming pool with salt water. Next to it are the hot salty baths (in tubs) that are very efficient in treating rheumatism.

- Treatment- consists in inhaling the mine air which is very beneficial for respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis and allergies).

The medieval fortress of Rapsonné (a historic monument), 12 km from Praid:

Many tourists choose to take the trip to this fortress, going est from Praid, going up from the valley of Tarnava Mica untill reaching km 5. There is a path through the forest and meadows that leads to a rock formation called Piatra Rab. The front peak, where Rapsonne fortress once stood, is worth the climb from the south-west for a unique experience.