Welcome to Dental  Travel Art… where dental services are combined with art and tourism!

What does Travel Dental Art mean?

Dental Travel Art represents the dental tourism concept (or dental medicine tourism). This concept is quite common world wide and has been around for thousands of years, when, in the old times, pilgrims would arrive from all corners of the Mediterranean in the Saronic Golf called Epidauria, for healing. Epidauria, considered God’s healing sanctuary  (Asklepios), became a popular destination for medical tourism, including dental tourism.

Romania is one of the most targeted countries in Europe for dental tourism (some clinics, like our own – PeterDent-Art, use the latest technology equipment – see page Ultra Equipment), and our prices are a lot more affordable than the ones in Western European countries and even from the USA.

The quality of  dental treatments in Romania is often even superior to the one in more developed countries. This is due to the intense investments in the last few years in ultra-advanced equipment, best quality materials and also specialized training in Romania and other countries as well. For example, in Romania, depending on the type of procedure and treatment, the price of dental treatments can be 4-6 times lower than, for instance, Great Britain or USA.

What can a dental vacation with Dental Travel Art offer in Romania?

Dental Travel Art exists under PeterDent-Art dental clinic in Targu Mures. Through our travel/tourism programs, patients from other countries, like Romanians that live abroad, besides the possibility of experiencing Transylvania’s culture and visit beautiful places in Romania, they can benefit from a complete dental solutions set for prices that are much more attractive than those in western European countries as well.

The patients that come to our clinic – PeterDent-Art Targu Mures, will benefit from advanced dental treatments in the shortest amount of time possible, performed with LASER equipment and the latest materials at international standards.

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